The notion of the need for the U.S. Congress to be 50/50 in terms of gender has been brewing for many years.

After the 1960’s movement to raise awareness on women’s equal rights, it looked like the momentum was rolling and that through organic growth, Congress would someday be 50/50 in gender equality to reflect the population.

About 5050Congress.org

An Issue Advocacy Organization Bringing Balance to Congress

But now we see the progress is glacial in spite of heroic efforts by many.

So what do you do when the rules of the game are stacked against improvement?

You update the rules to better serve everyone.

You work to amend the U.S. Constitution.

So 5050Congress.org was launched in 2015 as a vehicle to update those rules.

Our board of directors is comprised of three business women, all with bachelor's degrees, two with master's degrees, and all with experience running their respective successful enterprises.

Patricia A. Wunderlin, President

Pat Wunderlin began advocating for gender issues at age 14 when she was elected to her high school Student Council.   Winters were cold in this small farming community in southwestern Wisconsin, but only boys were allowed to wear long pants to school.   For the girls, neither snow nor sleet mattered - dresses or skirts prevailed, because that was the rule. Pat and her fellow Student Council members campaigned to allow girls to wear slacks to school. They met with resistance to change, but their campaign was a success.


To put herself through college, Pat worked multiple jobs between classes. She spent a semester in a U.S. student exchange program in Massachusetts where a group of students from a variety of cultures, including Alaska, the deep South, and New England, all formed a bond. Later she was awarded a United Nations scholarship to study at the UN in New York City with a select group of young leaders, with a view into the inner workings of international relations and world affairs. Two aspects of these experiences influenced Pat: her passion for issue advocacy and her college nickname, "Wunder Woman."

After earning her Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration and Computer Science, Pat was recruited by (John) Deere & Company in Moline, Illinois.  After four years in a variety of Management Information Systems roles, she returned to the University of Wisconsin to complete her graduate studies.

Upon earning her Master of Science degree in Business Administration in 1982, Pat accepted an internship with the Dutch government in the Netherlands.  Her work for the Dutch Bureau of National Taxation offered many lessons on the role of policy-making and the operations of government.

Returning stateside, Pat's career included stints at Arthur Andersen & Co. (Andersen Consulting) and GTE (Verizon).  In 1994, she left the corporate world to co-found Bay Systems, Inc., a software services firm providing solutions to private and public sector clients.  As President of Bay Systems, Pat led the company through eighteen years of solid, profitable growth.  

Pat sold her interest in the software firm in 2012.   Today, she lives in Sarasota, Florida, pursuing her lifelong interest in advocacy and community service.  Pat has served on the boards of various organizations including the board of directors for Girls, Inc. of Sarasota County.  In addition to leading 5050 Congress, Inc., Pat continues to support EMILY's List, Ruth's List Florida and Planned Parenthood.


We have incorporated as a 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization. 

We are seeking additional members to serve on our advisory council.