Sarasota's #March for Our Lives: #Enough to Gun Violence Inspires Connection to  5050Congress.org 

Looking out across a sea of citizens and handmade signs, it's clear that the Parkland school shooting survivors have channeled their grief and anger into action - inspiring students, teachers, neighbors, parents and grandparents to let their representatives know they've had #Enough.  On Saturday, March 24, 2018, an estimated 6,000-8,000 gathered along the Sarasota Bayfront to demand sensible gun laws and safer schools.  From their folding table set up at the foot of the "Unconditional Surrender" statue, 5050Congress.org volunteers offered insight, information, and the opportunity to get involved.    Dozens of new supporters lined up to sign up for more information and volunteer opportunities.  

Were you there?  Check out our event photos below.

An Issue Advocacy Organization Bringing Balance to Congress