An Issue Advocacy Organization Bringing Balance to Congress

​Why build gender designation into the Constitution? 

With a balance of women in Congress, the policies and budgets and priorities will work better for not only women and children, but also for men. And for the future of our country. Let’s tap into the half of our most precious national resource that is geared toward cooperation and live up to our first name: United. It is time to bring balance to Congress.

Let’s get started!

Multiple studies have shown that women’s brains, on average, are more likely to have greater empathy in understanding the situations of others, to be more collaborative and cooperative, and to get stuff done. [1] [2] [3] Even the needs of many men are not being recognized by Congress. It requires empathy to “walk in the shoes” of other people.

Research shows that the empathy part of the male brain is able to disengage, which comes in handy for being a soldier, but is a missing requirement for being a lawmaker. [4]

What natural traits are women likely to bring to the job of governance?


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Without a change in the law, gender equality in representation will not happen. Our nation can grow more fully with cooperation than with omission and oppression. Women deserve truly equal representation, to have an equal voice in the decision-making process.

The business of governing is a collaborative, cooperative process that requires listening to those who are most directly affected, and being empathetic to understand their situations. 

The Issue: Our 50-50 Future

Researchers found that prehistoric people were cooperators, not fighters. Humanity evolved much more by helping each other rather than by fighting each other. [5] And sometimes that means cooperating with others around the world in a united front to stop global predators: leaders of radical extremist groups, contagious diseases, human trafficking, etc.

A Harvard study showed that, in a statistically significant way, women in the U.S. Senate were really better than men at working together, passing bills, and cutting bipartisan deals. [6]

Researchers have evidence that women's brains are better at handling anger, that the part of the brain that modulates aggression is smaller in men than it is in women. [7] Women's brains are smaller than men's, on average, but women have a higher processing capacity, offsetting the difference. [8] Also women have language functioning in both sides of the brain whereas men process language only in the left side. [9]

Globally, research has shown that nations that elect women rather than men to key national leadership offices end up with better economic performance. [10]